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The SEO Works – Building Authority in a YMYL Sector

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Published Date 19.06.2023

The SEO Works are an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Sheffield serving clients all across the UK in a variety of sectors. We specialise in and have won awards for a range of our services including SEO and digital PR and are proud to be finalists at the UK Digital PR Awards for the Low Budget Campaign award, for our digital PR campaign with Investingoal. 

Who are Investingoal?

Investingoal is an online broker and trading platform comparison site that provides traders with comprehensive reviews to make educated investment decisions. Our team worked with Investingoal on a low budget to provide a combination of SEO and digital PR with the aim to increase their website traffic while maintaining their conversion rate. 

What did we do?

Our team developed and launched three digital PR campaigns to target different types of publications, two aimed at the national press around the world and one targeted more specifically to industry crypto and finance publications.

Our campaigns focused on financial scams and celebrity crypto fails, to help position our client as an authoritative source on the topic, knowing we had Investingoal’s deep expertise to draw on. With Investingoal being in a Your Money Your Life (YMYL) site and finance generally being renowned as highly competitive for SEO, the SERPs are dominated by high-authority sites. 

Before launching our digital PR campaigns, we made sure the site had as many on-page expertise and trust signals as possible, to improve its chances of being trusted by Google and users. This included adding detailed author bios, prominent disclaimers, and creating a special ‘methodology’ page.

Our digital PR work involved carrying out and publishing quality research with a range of both visually-appealing and accurate data to launch three successful campaigns:

  1. Top 10 Celebrity Crypto Fails. This campaign combined a tabloid-type story with carefully gathered data and compelling graphics. We gained traction from a variety of crypto sites and the article also earned a followed link from Benzinga, one of the world’s leading finance media sites.
  1. Different Types of Trading Scams. We targeted national newspapers, providing expert insight for the average person about how to avoid getting sucked into scams. The combination of expert insight and simple but effective graphics saw us land coverage in national papers in English language sites.
  1. Countries with the Most Scams. Our third campaign dug deep into the data to reveal numerous insights and angles, displayed in sortable tables and infographics. The piece gained coverage on sites like The Portugal News, high-authority travel site Travel Off Path and many major Polish language publications.

Results Achieved

The campaign helped to produce incredible organic traffic results in a highly competitive niche and huge growth in keyword visibility. The campaign helped to achieve a drastic increase of users on the site, with a 100% increase in daily users.

The digital PR campaigns together achieved a total of 150 new backlinks. The coverage achieved an estimated 1.54 million views, based on audience reach and social media engagement.

Why We’re Proud of Being Finalists for this Digital PR Campaign

We are proud of the results we achieved for our client Investingoal. The campaign had a measurable impact on the site’s visibility and traffic and meant that the site was reaching the same level of traffic it enjoyed at the start of Covid when search demand was at its historic peak. The high-quality content added to the site’s overall proposition, helping to position it as a trustworthy, expert source in the highly-competitive trading industry.

“This campaign showed the way that digital PR can significantly boost a website’s overall success when there are strong SEO foundations in place. The campaign was effective because we were able to create intriguing stories, drawing on the client’s expertise to create real insights that journalists loved. We’re delighted that the work is being acknowledged by the UK’s number one Digital PR awards organisation.” – Michael Sandford, Account Director at The SEO Works

The overall uplift of the domain’s strength put the site in a position to compete with, and even outrank, the biggest names in the industry including NerdWallet and Investopedia.

Not only that, but we were able to achieve all this cost-efficiently under the constraints of a low budget without this limiting the quality or impact of the campaigns and resulting in a spread of quality links from national, general finance, and crypto sites.

About The SEO Works

The SEO Works has worked with a range of businesses in various industries to deliver creative campaigns that help brands to grow visibility and reach their target audience online. Our stories are carefully crafted and well-researched with clear objectives to secure coverage on industry-specific, national, and international sites. 

We’ve helped customers across the UK to get their brand noticed online for the right reasons with campaigns that grab attention, inform and entertain. Get in touch with our team today to enquire or with any queries about our digital marketing services.

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