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PXN are proud to be finalists at the UK Digital PR Awards

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Published Date 04.07.2023

Hello, we’re the team at PXN. We are part of Indigo Pearl, a full-service PR and communications agency specialising in the video games industry and acquired by Keyword Studios in 2020. We’re delighted that PXN has been shortlisted in the UK Digital PR Award’s Tool and Software of the Year category, and we’d love to tell you a bit more about what we do. 

PXN is a digital asset management solution that allows companies to organise, manage and automate press resources, to help service their media outlets and audiences worldwide. The tool has transformed the way PR and marketing teams host and distribute campaign assets and is trusted by leading entertainment and technology companies including Sony, Warner Bros, Nintendo, and Amazon. When PXN is in operation, the platform acts as our clients’ media hub, meaning journalists can log-in to find new and archived news, and press releases, PR materials such as trailers and artwork, and regional and global PR contact information. But it does so much more than other press asset tools, as it can distribute product keys, give real-time data analytics on what the media is downloading when and where, and helps track coverage.

The platform assists its clients through the entire lifecycle of their products. The system reveals the marketing and PR materials initially and provides updates all the way through to launch and beyond. PXN is a white-label solution as it can be branded fully in line with a client’s style guide, meaning it feels part of their internal marketing strategy. Additionally, the system tracks user activity to generate reports, so PR managers can view which assets are having the biggest impact. 

PXN is solving significant PR challenges within the digital asset management space. 

Firstly, the video game industry is asset-heavy in terms of the volume and size of PR assets. Traditionally PRs would email links to media, but this would often result in broken links, and confusion around embargoes and copyright guidelines. 

Secondly, PXN solves the problem of leaking press materials. These can be damaging for our client’s reputation as they may have exclusive reveal agreements in place, and if the materials are taken out of context the general consumer may assume details incorrectly. PXN simplifies the process and offers a more secure solution. Our system hosts assets under embargo meaning only specific assets can be accessed by particular users at certain times. Ultimately, this benefits the journalists as the press assets are stored and collected in one space and it avoids them needing to reach out to PR Managers for assets or searching for them online. 

PXN also offers code distribution alongside its asset management system. How this works is our tool automatically sends an email to media’s inboxes, containing a unique code, imagery and embargo information. When the code is redeemed on a gaming console, it provides instant download access to the title. The feedback and reviews created from these code campaigns are invaluable to our clients and strongly shapes the reception of these games. Traditionally, code mailouts would have to be sent out manually by PR managers to potentially hundreds of email addresses. PXN streamlines this process by having our system automatically send out the codes quickly, efficiently and securely. 

As a whole, our clients report that PXN helps reduce 30-40% of their employee’s day-to-day admin time, and the system is backed by a full-service team who are on hand to provide 24/7 support to the platform.

PXN is honoured to be shortlisted for the UK PR Awards Digital PR Tool and Software of the Year as it is being recognised as a game changer within the PR and Digital Asset Management worlds. We are a small team of PR professionals who are looking to change the digital PR process. We help manage a trusted tech system which is used by global brands to securely host their sensitive resources.  Being nominated for the award really means a lot to us, and we hope it opens the door to valuable industry recognition. PXN is already trusted within the video games and technology industries, and we would love to apply our PXN methodology to help other industries, as we feel it would be a great fit in so many other use cases. 

To learn more about PXN, please check our website at and we are active on LinkedIn at PXN Digital and on Twitter @PXNdigital.

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